Headstone Cleaning & Renovation

We can clean your existing memorial and refit it level with approved anchor systems and stainless steel dowels. Whether your headstone is made of granite, marble, limestone or another natural material, your memorial may become susceptible to the weather.

Sun, rain and wind can over time cause eventual marking or erosions to your Headstone. Our team at Stephenson’s can offer a complete cleaning, renovation and repair service in order to keep your memorial looking its very best.

Additional Inscriptions

As well as creating unique memorials, our knowledgeable team of stonemasons are able to add inscriptions onto existing headstones. In most cases this involves removing the headstone from its location however, if this isn’t possible then we can also make changes on site.

Whatever the material, lettering style or size, our craftsmen are able to add your chosen memorial inscription so that it beautifully complements the existing one.

Get in touch

Should you need any further information or assistance, please call 01423 883583 or email info@stephensonsmemorials.com